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This is the online home of authors Rex Ivy and Moot Booxlé. Here you will find a wealth of resources and information to help shed new light on your spiritual existence. We are glad that you're here! Perhaps you have had questions about religion or the Bible that no one has seemed to have good answers for. Our mission is to help you in your search for truth. We're not claiming to have all the answers - we are simply two people who embarked on a journey to find answers to some very serious questions regarding faith and the Bible, and spirituality as a whole - and ended up writing a book containing our findings. Our research comprises well over three thousand hours of study over the course of several years. We have written several articles and materials along the way that are available to you here on our blog. We will also be sharing information about our next book, which is to be a companion volume of sorts to our newly released book, Blinded by the Light: Have you seen the Christ?, which is available now.


Blinded by the Light is Biblical surgery designed to remove the scales from your eyes. This book allows the truth of Jesus’s
teachings to shine through by removing all the foreign matter that has been obstructing your spiritual vision. By being exposed to the pure, undiluted Biblical truth, you will have a fresh opportunity to experience the real Christ. This journey will bring you to a critical point, at which you must reject or accept Christ’s true purpose and God’s intended message. The outcome of this choice will affect your spiritual life; your thinking will never be the same.  For those brave and willing enough to accept what they see, life is about to change. Will you undergo this procedure? Or will you remain Blinded by the Light?
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